Harmony TRE

Harmony graduated at 19 from the University of Wyoming, with a double major in Art and Honors. Her favorite art to produce lies in the 2D realm. She produces pages for several fan based comics every day. These can be found on her Tumblr account and Tapas. Please visit the different pages in the portfolio to see the different styles she excels in. She is also available for commissions. See the store page for details.


A few thoughts from her art recipients.

Thank you so much Harmony, this is perfect! I now I've said so many times but I love the magical feeling of the alien forest and how peaceful the entire piece is. The aliens are so cute and curious and they feel like guardians too! Pidge and Lance are so good they book look exhausted but happy and it makes me want to squeal with delight! Thank you!

Honestly this looks pretty good. While I will not say it looks realistic. It has a really nice soft color to it that makes it feel like a warm inviting semi realism-semicartoon painting. It reminds me of fluffy cotton candy freshly opened from the bag.


A Sampling of Comic Pages

Click on any picture to see it full size.

Taffy and Steven Universe
A Steven Universe AU

Griffen Universe
A Steven Universe AU

PrismTale Work in Progress

An Undertale AU
(Bridge scene)

An Undertale AU
(Hotland scene)


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